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Atreyi Basu is a multi-award-winning online platform for curated premium eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade, and artisanal products. 

If you are a conscious shopper and care for the environment, society, climate, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy future then MyVerduraCare is your go-to place to shop for everything sustainable, environment friendly, fair trade. MyVerduraCare is a sustainability-oriented company started by Atreyi Basu, focusing on offering premium eco-friendly and sustainable products and generating awareness around sustainable living practices. At MyVerduraCare, we understand that your product needs are extensive. From non-violent silk to bamboo-based personal care items, wood-based toys and sustainable designer wears and accessories, we offer you a chance to be an Eco-Warrior! We carefully source and curate them for you by strictly following the UN SDG goals. We value our customers, and we always strive to only bring the best for you and your loved ones. Hence, we ensure that every product of MyVerduraCare is chemical-free and maintains the quality standard as per our set parameters so that it is safe for you, your family, and the environment too.

Social media channels of MyVerduraCare

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Nukhet Dora

nukuscakes is a specialist in celebration and children's birthday cakes. She loves to decorate cakes and cookies in a unique way



Intimacy, love & relationship coach.

With over two decades of self-development experience gleaned from certified training, workshops, retreats, and practice, Maria continue to strive to help people create a world of meaningful connection, beautiful relationships, and powerful intimacy. She is  also the creator of GTKUBetter, a program to meet like-minded people in a safe and relaxed way while learning about love and relationships. While she is passionate about creating deeper feelings, she's also committed to understanding how the mind-body work and how it affects how we perceive and experience our lives.

Love & Relationship Coach (@mariaelizabethsho) 



Perihan Mohamed

A passionate nature loving Egyptian Mother of 2, started her passion towards precious and semiprecious stones back in 2006 when she first studied gemology and started her small handmade business. The main concept behind the brand is uniqueness in every piece, supporting women who struggle in their daily life and just need a break.

Perry was about to open her 1st gallery in January 2011, she had invested every penny she had and all the energy I could bring, but destiny had its own twist and turn, the soft opening was on 28th of January 2011, and for those who don't know what happened, Egypt was on fire that day, the revolution was on the 25th and on Friday the 28th things got extremely violent and of course it didn't settle for months, she lost her investment and moved to Qatar with her husband.

She couldn't start again until 2016 when she had the courage and strength to move forward, that year was a definitive year for her, as a few months after launching her online social media account she got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Her health has taken a huge dive ever since, but her passion for her brand was above all her struggles. She has been focusing on the healing energies from the amazing gems, thankfully "Precious" has stood up for a lot of clients as well and helped them also through their healing journey.

Instagram @preciouspieceofearth


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Faiza Nakib

Faiza Nakib, is an artist, designer and creator of Dots & Curves. Currently based in Doha, she has lived in different continents and was immersed in different cultures. Her background is in Architecture, earned her PhD in 2016 and decided to dedicate her career to art-creation; harnessing creativity, sharing joy, peace and beauty through her artwork.

Faiza considers her art a medium for self-expression, cultural exchange and communication. She loves vibrant colours and rich patterns and tends to mix tradition with modernity.  Her artwork is based on simple elements -dots and curves- that come together to express the complexity of human experiences and relationships. It brings her great joy and peace and she is very happy to be able to share it with everyone.

Fazia's aim is to help people connect with themselves and others as well as places and memories through art.





Mohammed Abu Zeinab

Brain Education is based on brain scientific research - Methodology of self-expression and self-examination by physical activity, brain meditation, meta-cognition - The goal of Brain Education is to facilitate participants to realize that the power of the brain is not dependent upon age, role, or circumstance but in the choices made in each moment. - Realization and utilization of human value and of the brain in everyday life - Evolution into a humanitarianism (HongIk InGan: Cultivating a Human Character for the benefit of the world) 

Methods and Techniques of Brain Education: - Addressing behavioral and emotional imbalance to achieve self-awareness; - Mindfulness tools and techniques; - Brain based physical training; - Sustainable living Practices (Cultivating & Caring for the Environment & for Yourself); - Social / Cultural Integration & Activities; - Mentoring & Counselling; - Philosophy, Critical Thinking & Applied Learning; - Development of Brain Power, Character, Integrity, and Leadership Qualities.

 YouTube Channel: - Email: BookNow@BrainEducation.ME - Instagram: - Facebook: - Telegram: - Activities & Training Link: - Subscribe to the newsletter:



Khadijaah Ali

Fitness Instructor
Certified Kettlebell & Suspension Trainer.
Zumba Zin.
Hiit, Bootcamp & Power Intervals Coach.
In Home PT & Online

Khadijaah is a mum of 6 but you wouldn't  believe it when you see her! She says exercise and positivity is the key. 

She has over 12 years experience in fitness and exercising and is a UK certified fitness instructor. Exercise is her passion and she gets the greatest pleasure in inspiring and motivating women to take control of their health choices. 

Khadijaah has been living in the Middle East almost 16 years now. She has 3 girls and 3 boys. She loves the beach and night stars and also loves playing her favourite tunes and singing out loudly, much to the annoyance of her beautiful family. 

Khadijaah loves supporting women so get in touch today. 

Coach Khadijaah (@coach_khadijaah) • Instagram photos and videos



Sondra Hope

Sondra is certified with the International Sports Sciences Association as well as holds various certifications and specializations in nutrition, child nutrition, child psychology and wellness coaching. Her  training programs are different to most fitness programs out there. While most trainers, focus mainly on the physical aspects of losing weight or getting healthy, she takes a holistic approach to the total well-being of all her clients.

Sondra's programs incorporate exercises, goal-setting and all-round health education… and her biggest goal is to get you to understand that you are worthy to be fit, happy and healthy. 

With 6 years’ experience, her results speak for themselves. 

Check out her website



Dr. Hanan El Basha – The Business Doctor, Business Strategist & Mindset Coach

Dr. Hanan El Basha, The Business Doctor, is a Business Strategist & Mindset Coach supporting and empowering women reveal their entrepreneurial spirits and manifest their ventures with balanced and thriving lives, mindsets, and bodies.

Dr. Hanan has 23+ years of professional experience, approximately 15 of those within small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and of which 6 of these years she spent co-founding and running startups herself. She has worked in an array of industries ranging from communications through to real estate investment, before going on to co-found multiple businesses then stepping down to complete her doctorate degree. She has also showcased her knowledge and expertise in speaking opportunities across conferences, webinars, and podcasts. She also launched her own podcast “Empowered to Grow” featuring conversations with women around the world who are leading empowered lives in a variety of domains.

Over the past three years, she has integrated her startups advising and business strategy services, with mindset coaching offerings aimed at aiding women, and men, live their life to the fullest potential. Inspired from her own healing journey, she is also passionate and dedicated to the topic of health and wellness built on learnings from her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Metabolic Balance Coach.


The Business Doctor Facebook page:

Empowered to Grow Facebook group:

Empowered to Grow Podcast Facebook page:


YouTube Channel:




Roma Rudewicz

General Manager @dynamikqa Dynamik Gym
Roma has been 15 years in the fitness industry helping people to achieve their fitness goals and career goal transformations.
Starting as Exercise Specialist  she gradually worked her career up to Executive Manager which gave her excellent experience and expertise in her field.
Roma loves to share and support other women in business and gives lifestyle and business consultations. Connect with her and let her transform you.

laura 2.jpg


Laura Brennan

Laura set up EcoSouk in 2018.

It provides practical alternatives to single-use plastic and promotes sustainable living in Qatar. She has won many awards with her eco friendly products and initiatives. 

She came up with the idea in the supermarket as she wrestled armfuls of apples and onions onto the weighing scales, repeating “no plastic, no plastic” and hunting for a space on her shopping list to stick the price stickers.

The line grew behind her as the shop assistant asked, “Saving the environment ma’am?” an inner voice  said both “well done” and “I really wish you wouldn’t”.

She knew a solution is only a solution if it works for everyone and simply refusing a plastic bag clearly didn’t in this case. And so came the idea – a reusable produce bag that you can stick the sticker on.

So simple. So good. So exciting. Visit the shop to get yours.

Laura loves hearing from fellow eco friendly enthusiasts, so drop her a line if you have a story you want to tell her, or just want to say hi and be part of a growing community of people living lightly in Qatar.

Go check her out and all the amazing work she does.

Laura Brennan EcoSouk founder explains the concept behind EcoSouk



Lina Serafini

Never have you seen the care and dedication that this group of volunteer's give. If ever you need help or have any questions please reach out to them. They have such big hearts.

Oasis ARQ - Animal Rescue Qatar - is dedicated to helping the vulnerable stray #dogs and #cats in #doha#qatar 🐶🐱❤💙

Please support this amazing cause



Unhealthy and Dangerous Habits & Lifestyle

Ann is originally from Sweden and Scandinavia up in the very north of her world.

She came to Qatar 2017 due to love, and calls herself a love immigrant.

Her background is in drama, sales and marketing.

Ann's superpower is lifting others and spreading positivity and happiness.

She has had quite a life journey and has been in a very dark place that felt very much like being “locked in a syndrome” were she was swept in to a black hole, looking for herself for many years.

Since Friday the 13th of April 2012, she has been living in sobriety, still taking each day as it comes and for that she is so tremendously grateful for.

She knows what it is to feel like the underdog with no purpose or value, but she also knows what it takes and what tools to use to come out of self-pity and low self-esteem. She has been in a place where life was on the edge and she couldn't get any lower or deeper, she couldn't even see an ending or how she could change her situation other than ending her life. Today she lives with gratitude because its the best attitude to find happiness inside and also by finding forgiving, having self-love, self-belief and discovering your purpose and superpower. If anything resonates, or you can relate to Ann then reach out to her. She really has a heart of gold and will be a power of support for you.

Everyday Ann feels happy joyous and free, at last!

 htps:/ in/ann-wiliams-143515bb/



Sarah Yaacoub

Sarah's journey began when she was a child, where she would transform empty boxes into a piece of art. Since that time, she's always loved anything related to art, and during her studies she learned a lot of art techniques from water, oil and silk painting to making models and other handicrafts.

Many years passed, but her dream of starting her own art project kept growing within her, but she had no courage and did not know where to start until she met a friend who kept encouraging her to take the first steps and so the journey began.

Sarah has worked so hard to develop herself and her skills from art books to online lessons, until she decided to build her own Instagram page that has many types of art but the most popular is her string art.

One day she hopes to set up her own studio for art workshops. Support Sarah and her dream and take a look at her amazing work.



Trish Bedford

Trish is mixed race,  Ugandan / English  Art Psychotherapist from the UK. Therapy is a new field of a mental health profession in Qatar. There are currently only 2 licensed Art Therapists. Trish has been introducing this mental health profession since 2016. She developed the first art therapy program in Qatar at Naufar Wellness Hospital for 4 years and the first art therapy museum and gallery visits with patients in Qatar.
Trish is a UK trained, licenced and registered Art Psychotherapist for over 17 years and  interdisciplinary artist. Trish is passionate about integrating the therapeutic aspects of creativity within the Qatari community, given Qatar is intrinsically creative. She's motivated by and curious about the human condition, in work and humanitarian projects.
Specialising in trauma informed intervention with at risk children, adolescents and adults. Clients include but not limited to :Pupils and staff in schools- clinical supervision- organisational dynamics-therapeutic camps- community mental health centres- psychiatric hospitals- addiction-looked after children- autism early intervention-corporate team building workshops-retreats- talks-community workshops.
She specializes in working with groups or individuals; autistic clients, special education needs, early intervention, refugees and asylum seekers, human trafficking, addictions, trauma informed therapy, anxiety and depression- career change-community workshops for self care and staff support/ team building. Trish's training and skills are very adaptable.
Recently Trish has presented at international and regional mental health conferences including WISH 2020, British association of art therapists and American association of art therapists. She has mediated a regional mental health panel with CCtheworks in  Qatar and participated in Global Mental Health Peer Network in South Africa. She has a publication in 2021 about experiences of setting up Art Therapy in Qatar.
Trish is a visiting Lecturer at Hertfordshire University for Art Therapy Masters program and has coordinated 2 special interest groups for British Association of Art Therapists and presented recommendations from arts race and culture art therapists for diversity in training and profession to British art therapy educational board and Baat board members following BLM movement.
Trish volunteers with Qatar Red Crescent with the Psychosocial team.
If you think she can help you or anyone you know then please reach out to her.

Profilna Slika.jpg


Nancy Stojanovic / Managing Director

Maraya Digital is part of Al Maraya, a well-established organization in Qatar that focuses on Exhibitions services. They are now creating a new, digital way, to bring their expertise and knowledge into every project they start. They focus on digital strategy creation for every business. This includes establishing a brand from scratch or rebranding the existing one, all with the same goal – to enhance brand growth with proactive services. If you could do with their expertise hen give them a call.


- Complete Social Media Marketing (SMM)
- Website development
- Branding and Graphic design
- Promotional materials



Tina Balachandran

Ms. Tina Balachandran is a Consultant Clinical and Aviation Psychologist, passionate about improving access to mental health care. Tina previously headed the psychology clinic within the medical division of a major airline, catering to a multicultural global workforce of over 45,000 employees. She has been involved in training responders on providing psychological support in the aftermath of an aviation accident and has consulted internationally following various critical incidents.

After over 15 years in the corporate world, she was inspired to pursue her vision to create a psychologically safe environment for individuals and organizations to heal and flourish. She believes in inspiring resilience to help individuals heal and grow, and currently runs her clinical practice in Qatar under Alsafwa Medical Center. An author and invited speaker at various local and international platforms, she is currently an active working group member and international collaborator for the COVID-19 Psychology Taskforce with special focus on crisis intervention, hospital workers, patients, and families, and professional support for mental health providers. She also consults with organizations on workplace mental health, safety, and wellbeing to create a healthy workplaces. If you or your company could benefit from Tina's expertise then contact her now.


Social media handle across Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @Engage2Flourish



Edna Henry Walter
Artist /Jewellery designer

Edna Walter has created Trinity Handmade Jewellery.  All her jewellery is Handmade and Hand painted by her in Qatar
The material she uses is stainless steel, so, you can wear them everyday.  All the miniature painted jewellery are made with much love and care so that it can be used for ever.
Edna also paintings onto photo frames.
You can see her work on my Instagram page trinity_handmade_jewellery.
If you have any queries feel free to contact me .



Speaker, Writer & Professional Photographer

Shehar is a certified Project Management Professional(PMP) and a Software Engineer by profession. A Pakistani expat living in Qatar since 2004, whose maternal instincts took over her career aspirations and she decided to give up her high-profile Banking career to be a hands-on mom and is a mum of 3 beautiful children.
Shehar is speaker, a writer, a professional photographer and a multitasking mom sharing her passion through the blog and incorporating her PMP skills into Motherhood.
Shehar Bano is a published author of her cookbook, Virsa -a culinary journey from Agra to Karachi. Compiling, recreating, and photographing these recipes, this project has been a labor of love for the author – a dedication to her mother – a fantastic cook. This book is a collection of recipes that are the author, Shehar Bano’s family heritage and hence the name “Virsa” which means “Heritage” in Urdu language.
The book has won 3 Gourmand Awards and the "Best in the World" Gourmand award for the Best First Cookbook and just become No 1 best selling book on no other than Amazon and with the massive heart she has she is donating 100% profit of the book sales towards an endowment fund in her late father's memory to a free Eye hospital in Pakistan which would be able to perform 82 cataract surgeries annualy - every year.
We are extremely proud to have her as part of our community. She is a massive inspiration and support to so many women.



Elisabete Reis

Image, Etiquette and

 Protocol Consultant

Elisabete is a very well known Certified Fashion, Image, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant with many years of experience.

Elisabete is also the founder of Glam Your Image providing consulting services and training to individuals and corporate.

At Glam Your Image the aim is to provide you the tools to always look your best but also for your company and yourselves to look like one, all going in the same direction, sharing and projecting the same goals.

Glam Your Image will guide your transformation with Love, Generosity, Acceptance and Compassion”.

Elisabete is an amazing women with a huge heart and can make you feel and look the amazing women you really are.



Anneka Muir

Anneka is an Irish Mum of 2 girls and a certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant, who has been based in Doha for the past 9 years. A former Marketing professional turned full time Mum, after welcoming her first daughter almost 3 years ago Anneka witnessed first-hand the lack of support and information that existed when it came to infant sleep. Anneka quickly became passionate about unravelling her own child’s sleep issues, which then led to her educating ‘anyone with two ears and baby’ on how to solve their own child’s sleep issues. This eventually led to her getting certified and launching her own sleep consultancy shortly after the birth of her second child last year.

“Before becoming parents, we prepare ourselves as best we possibly can by learning all there is to know about having a healthy pregnancy, a positive labour and delivery, and the ins and outs of new born care. We research the best hospitals, OBGYN’s, we hire Lactation Consultants and Doula’s, and buy all the baby paraphernalia we could ever possibly need.  We literally leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing for our little one’s arrival. But unfortunately, when it comes to sleep, something that is so critical to our health and overall wellbeing, this part is so often overlooked.”

Being based in Qatar, Anneka has had the pleasure of working with clients from all over the world, and one thing that stands out is just how much society globally, has conditioned parents to believe that sleep is something they simply must forgo once they bring new life into the word.  So much so, that sleep deprivation is often worn as a badge of honour in those first few weeks, months, and even years after becoming a parent. It’s like if you’re not utterly exhausted, you’re not doing it right.

“There is no reason why anyone should have to hit rock bottom before asking for help when it comes to any aspect of parenthood, especially something that is so crucial to our overall mental and physical health such as sleep. Where is the shame in wanting to have the brainpower and energy to be present for your family and be the very best version of yourself? Where is the shame in wanting to have a baby, toddler or pre-schooler who is well rested, happy and in a great routine?”

It’s Anneka’s hope that together as parents, medical professionals, sleep consultants and support systems to those with young children, we can form that ‘village’ you so often hear about.  She is on a mission to end the stigma around baby, toddler and child sleep once and for all, normalise sleep training as a form of parental self-care and highlight the importance of quality sleep for parents, babies and children alike, and ensure that everyone has access to the right support as and when they need it. 

Anneka Muir 

Get in Touch



Haydee is the most fantastic and talented flute player. She is an established International Artist and Teacher specialized, successful professional projects in the Market (Qatar) as well as Internationally. Companies include, Westin, Hotel, Ritz Carlton, W Hotel (Motor GP 2019/2020), Intercontinental Hotel, St. Regis, Grand Regal, and Best Western Plus Hotel. She brings light to any party or event

Get in Touch
REHANA (2).jpg


Homeopathy Consultant

Rehana is a UK qualified homeopath and also a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths in England.  She became a homeopath after deciding to explore alternative medicine to help with conditions that her and her family were suffering from.  She came to realise that allopathic medicine doesn’t always work; in some cases it can drive the pathology deeper into the body and temporarily ‘fix’ the issue, but it will inevitably return.  Homeopathy seeks to address emotional and physical issues, thereby healing the ‘whole’, not just a ‘part’ of the body. 

Rehana consults patients either over the telephone or by video call; her patients range from new born babies to respected elders of the community, both here and abroad. Reach out to her to find out more about her wonderful work.



Zobia Jabeen

Zobia is a British expact who has been living  in qatar for 7 years. She has a small baking business, baking delicious and amazing beautiful treats. Have  a look at her fantastic work on Instagram saras_sweet_treats and see all her beautiful creations.



Naki Kaddu

Nakibirango is a London based luxury jewellery brand founded in 2015. Drawing inspiration from the unique mix of heritage and ancestral heritage (Irish,Ugandan) of creative director Naki Kaddu, the unique pieces are often injected with themes of architecture, sculpture, art, photography and nature as points of influence.

The brand name translated as 'Queen of the Leopard Forest’, is reflective of a regal accolade - an ideal encapsulated within the craftsmanship of the finished pieces.

Further inspiration is taken from a passion for semi-precious stones and bespoke designs which has come to identify Nakibirango as a trusted name in exclusive jewellery today. Take a look at her inspiration and amazing work.

My LinkedIn profile is

YouTube - (jewellery)

YouTube - (Interview with The Way Show)

YouTube - - Interview in 2018 with TGM Radio



Alternative & Holistic Health Consultant

Milica is a creator of an authentic, holistic concept for aware, healthy lifestyle which describes new and simple guidance physically, emotionally and mentally through movement, nutrition (internal & external) & intuitive healing with the mixture of ancient knowledge & personal experience.

She inspires people through intuitive “total body transform “program which combines knowledge of conscious yoga, Pilates, bodyweight and breathing exercises. Through breathing and ancient bioenergy treatments, she is taking people back to the deeper self-connection & inner-outer transformation.

Educator and beauty consultant of “I’m Resource” homeopathic, organic, 100% natural hair and skin care line cosmetic.

Health consultant of Natural medicine based on plant based food and herbal formulas.

+97466227295 •



Noha Abdel-Moneim

Since Noha was young, she can remember that she used to take her drawing and painting tools  wherever Ishe went. During her school years the Art lesson was her favorite and she used to participate in the school's Art Exhibition every year. When she graduated from school, she decided to join the Faculty of Pharmacy however her love for Art grew bigger and bigger.

After that she started her career as a Pharmacist meanwhile she used to practice her hobby regularly. Noha tried different fields like acrylic painting, drawing portraits, watercoloring, wood carving, glass painting etc . 

Then she learnt silk and fabric painting which she loved the most. She used to make silk paintings for her house and as gifts for her friends and family. In 2017, her whole life changed after the loss of her mother and at that time she could not face doing any art and not done it for a while. Then one day when she was very low and feeling very depressed, she picked up her art tools and started painting. She felt how art is so therapeutic and that she could really express herself through colours. Then she got more into her silk painting and loved the idea of wearing her own art in the form of a scarf. 

Noha then launched her IG page@silk_qatar to share with everyone her passion for art specially silk painting.

She can't express her happiness when she makes a silk painting or a scarf for one of her clients, it gives her so much fulfillment because when you make something with love, it touches the heart and transfers the feelings of happiness and care.

Noha has launched her latest collection of wearable art as hand painted capes, kimonos which can be customized with your own choice of colors and designs.

The art journey is endless and full of excitement and exploration. Her mission is to spread love and happiness through art.



Veronica Pena

This is Veronica, she is Ecuadorian and this is her 4th year in Qatar.

She is married and has two kids and one angel in heaven. Her husbands work has meant they have been living abroad for the last 10 years between Malaysia, Brunei and Qatar.

During their stay in Brunei she had the opportunity to start the best adventure of her life, and did her first International certification in Pilates.

Through  Pilates she discovered her mission “to help women to achieve the best version of themselves “ .

Veronica feels roots for women really resonates with her. When she was reading the web site she felt she could totally identified with the idea of women together can move mountains, because by nature we are creators so she feels sure many good things can happen when we gather our knowledge and experience.

Please reach out to Veronica and find out more about the amazing work she does.




Joann Bruce

Joann was born in South Wales, UK and when she was 17 years old, she experienced her first move abroad, to Germany.  She got the travel bug after that kept moving east ever since.  She is now living in Qatar and has been here for 10 years. 

For years she cared far too much about what she was wearing and whether others would approve, the pressure and judgement of what she wore, is it in trend, and the stress of trying to buy the expensive trends on a budget. She would only shop in the popular stores and wear named brands until one day she said $#@% it, "I’m doing me."  

She created Milly’s Collection namely because she loved to shop but disliked going physically to the mall.  She was bored of the usual sites, seeing the same things over and over or spending a small fortune on shipping.  She wanted a website where there are no surprises at check-out but more importantly, she wanted a variety of styles all in one place with no judgement or peer pressure and at costs that suit all budgets. 

Joann found the most challenging part of creating Milly’s Collection was the name. She must have had a hundred plus names and none of them felt right.  Then one day her sister text her and called her by her childhood nickname given to her by her granddad…the rest is history.

About Milly's Collection

We all have those times in life where our budgets don’t quite stretch as far as we would like. We all work hard and face what life throws at us, and deserve a treat every now and then, but those voices in our heads kick in, ‘can I really afford it’, ‘I can use that money on something else’.  They have the answer to those voices and help you to have some much-needed retail therapy. Milly’s Collection offers payment plans at check-out, so you don’t have to worry about paying it all now, spread it out and take the pressure off. More importantly treat yourself, we all need some me time and a new outfit always makes us feel happy. 

Not only do they offer flexible payment plans but they want you to get more for your money.  Most of their products have discounts assigned to them, so the more you add to the cart the more you save.  They also have a loyalty program that gives you merits which act as cash in store. 

They work with over fifteen suppliers to provide distinctive designs, at affordable prices.  They also have their own branded label in store.  Their suppliers are mainly based in Europe, UK and the US, ensuring their customers get quality products at affordable prices.

They really want their customers to enjoy the experience with them, and for you to get the absolute best for your money and take control over how and when you spend your hard-earned cash. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Joann.  She is more than a clothing store and just wants to shape relationships with her customers.

Milly's Collection (@millys_collection20)




Yosh was born and raised in Galle from the beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka. She moved to Qatar in 2013 with her husband and son. She started  Yosh Studio back in 2014 when she was 7 months pregnant  with her 2nd child  and ever since then this has become her strength, meditation and sanity.

Yosh is a self taught artist/designer. Her work is who she is, hence she uses her name as her brand. She is always on the looking for inspiration and creating things in her head. You will see a lot of geometric designs, natural flow and aspects and folksy details in her work as they are her most favourite...

Yosh is a full time mom to 3 kids and to a fur baby. Yosh works at her home studio based in Doha. Have a look at her work it truly amazing and very therapeutic. She can bespoke any piece of her work for you.



Anca Stefania - Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Anca is a yoga instructor and fitness coach passionate about combining movement with mindset coaching to bring a holistic approach to helping her clients achieve their goals. She teaches dance, fitness, yoga and Pilates.

Passionate about self-development, she obtained her yoga certification in India and learned breathing techniques and meditation in Thailand. She believes in coaching people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle through a holistic the human being as body, mind and soul.

She adores working with women, supporting them in fully accepting and loving their bodies and understanding how to harness the power of their biological rhythm to enjoy their lives and achieve their goals.

Her motto in life is “I am not a victim of my circumstance, but the conscious creator of my reality.”

Anca Stefania Iorgulescu (@ancastefaniaiorgulescu) for Instagram photos and videos

Lanier Logo - Copy.jpeg


Job Title

Women have their own unique health challenges. These conditions have certain treatments and protocols that have it's own set of effects as well. Lanier Law Firm has put together a women health guide that details some of these problems and offers valuable insight. Check it out.

Women In Our Community: Team
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