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Roots for Women is part of the Roots Hair & Beauty Community.  Roots Hair & Beauty was established in 2011 by the Owner, Deborah Algosaibi, and opened its doors in February 2014.  Opening a business in Doha is very challenging and without support from other business women in the Community Debbie was considering closing the business.  

When Carolyn Collins, the General Manager and the youngest sister of Debbie, joined Roots in January 2018, the Roots Community was established and flourished through Roots Pamper Evenings, Roots Workshops, Roots Fasion Show, Roots Giving Back, Roots Cancer Evening and a number of other initiatives.  Carolyn quickly realised the power of social media and how authenticity, genuineness, compassion and gratitude were the core values of the Roots Community and the reason why so many women were drawn to and became a part of the Roots Community.  There was always an amazing woman who was happy to help others in need. 

Roots For Women specifically is a platform to help women connect with one another; to help them find or provide their foundation of power, grace, wisdom, justice, creativity and hope.  Women are amazing and can "move mountains" when they put their minds to it.  Roots for Women has created this Community to enable women to reach out to us or help us provide what is needed .  We are all on different paths in our lives; some of us are lucky to be in better places than others and it is for that reason we all need and want to help one another overcome any obstacles in our way through encouragement, mentorship, advice and friendship. 

If you are new in Doha and are just looking for new friends or need some support then this is the perfect place for you and you have discovered us for a reason.


To build an inspirational support platform of beautiful women for any women in Qatar to turn to. No matter where any woman is from, what she may need or what she is looking for, she knows she can always reach out for love, support, direction, resources and connection.


We believe passionately in the power of women connecting and supporting one another which ultimately changes lives and impacts the world

Our Background

Roots For Women recognises that women have an endless list of strengths, but some women just need the belief in themselves that they are enough; they are worthy; and that they have a very special piece of uniqueness that no one else in the world has. Whether you want to find new friends, need support, want to grow, find yourself or want to provide for others, then this is the space to be. 

Get in touch today or follow us on @rootsforwomen on Facebook & @rootsforwomenqtr on Instagram to learn more about what we have to offer you. 

Get in touch today for any support or information. 

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